Landing Page


Page Builder Platform – You can use Profit Builder, Lead Pages, Click Funnel, or Unbounce. We just want you to select a platform to use. Only select this or WordPress below, not both.

Build On WordPress Website – If you do not want to use any of the page builder platforms above, you can choose to use WordPress. Most businesses have WP and can use their existing website (or a new website) to build out their landing page. Other than logo design, all graphics and pages have a maximum of 3 drafts.

Logo – We will design you a brand new, custom logo. You’ll have 4 drafts.

3 Banners – These are great for promoting other productions in your store or website.

3 Sliders – These will be custom designed for your sliders.

Content – This is us adding and managing your existing content.

Optin Form – We are simply integrating your optin form so it looks professional.

Call to Action – We will make your call-to-action stand out.

Proof/Testimonial – Your proof/testimonial needs to pop and make a statement.

Portfolio – Your portfolio needs to look good and a reference people will notice.

Explainer – Explainer videos or section needs to fully explain what it is you are offering.

Offer – The offer itself needs to clear and with no room for confusion. This offer may even include a short warning, which may simply be an important TOS like “no refunds”.

Features – Having a good layout and structure for your features can help explain everything you are offering.

Prizes – While not all of your customers are looking for prizes, your affiliates/partners who are promoting for you may want to participate in helping your launch be a success may want to have a little extra incentive. So clearly spelling out your prizes will help give them the push they need.

Bonuses – 99% of your customers are looking for bonuses, so making this stand out is critical.

Launch Date – If you are launching a product/service, emphasizing this properly is very important.

Preview – This is a great section to simply show a preview of what’s to come. That may include what’s in the member’s area or upcoming products/services, etc.

Pop-Up – The pop-ups we make are very sleek and mobile response. So it’s not about just adding some codes, but also creating graphical elements that will capture attention and leads.

  • Make pages that capture leads.
  • Make pages that sell more.
  • Make pages that make money.

Services Available

  • Page Builder Platform
  • Build On WordPress Website
  • Logo
  • 3 Banners
  • 3 Sliders
  • Content
  • Optin Form
  • Call to Action
  • Proof/Testimonial
  • Portfolio
  • Explainer
  • Offer
  • Features
  • Prizes
  • Bonuses
  • Launch Date
  • Preview
  • Pop-Up